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Ep. 9 Consistency Is Key

Consistency is the key to every single business on earth. Consistency is one of the most important skills to continue not only the survival of a phone flipping business but the growth of your phone flipping Business. Today I talk about the different things you can be doing in your phone flipping business to drive consistency. Every phone flipper knows that the phone market is a bit shaky at the moment with Rsim being down. Prices on carrier locked phones are low and people are feeling the pinch.

In this episode I outline how things like getting reviews and posting to Instagram can have huge effects on your business. Building relationships with other business owner's in your area by interacting with them on Instagram can funnel customer's directly to you. The best part is it is free to do! Getting reviews on Facebook and Google My Business for your Phone Flipping Business can have a huge impact on the trust that the public has in your business and the authority you have in the market share for your area.

Many phone flippers seem to gloss over building the local brand and while the market is down, staying consistent on the back end of your business is sure to pay dividends when the market picks back up.



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