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Ep. 6 - Is Buying Carrier Locked Phones Dead?

Ray and I discuss the fact that RSIM has went down and how it has drastically crashed the cell phone market. We go on to discuss why RSIM is so important to the carrier locked market and what has happened in the past when RSIM has went down.


What can you do as a street level cell phone flipper to keep your business moving in the green direction during this wild time in the market?


How long will RSIM be down and what can we expect in the future?


If you are holding phones now in your inventory, should you sell or should you hold?


How does having a healthy amount of Capital effect the decision to sell or hold current stock?


What other items can you buy to flip to help get you and your business through these unstable times?


What tips and strategies can you use to help negotiate the lower prices for carrier locked devices?


Will RSIM and the launch of the Apple iPhone 14 overlap? What are the possible outcomes if this happens?


New model for the iPhone 14?


Ray was a FedEx driver when he first started and was meeting people in the middle of his route! 


Ray has been arrested and robbed when he was flipping phones in the street.


How to flip phones safely - 


Listen closely for Ray’s actionable negotiation tip that he has used to make more money from sellers.


Perspective can play a major roll in how much profit you are willing to make flipping a phone.


Let’s talk competition in your local market and who will still be standing once RSIM is back up.


Ray Baubach Whatsapp - (+1 727-729-9628 )


Ray brings The Most Epic Dad Joke


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