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Ep. 5 - How To Flip Phones Safely

Heard of any stories of people getting robbed while flipping phones?

Today we dive in to that very issue.

I talk about what types of things may be driving an uptick in phone flippers getting robbed.

I read from a post from a fellow phone flipper who was recently robbed. This is what he had to say about the experience, the mistakes he made, and what he will be doing moving forward.

I discuss how you can tell if a place is safe to meet

What checkbox’s I need to check to insure mine and my customer’s safety

I share some tips that I use to help insure that I don’t get robbed and what I would do if I do ever get robbed when meeting sellers to buy their phones.

Places to avoid when meeting sellers.

Even though people talk negatively about it, Profiling sellers before the meetup is a must.

I talk about what I do once I get to the meetup spot.

When someone wants to meet at a place you don’t feel safe, I have some tips on how to get someone to meet where you want to meet them.


This was an edited and enhanced audio version of a live Facebook event inside of my free Facebook group.

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