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Ep. 4 It's Not Optimal But It's Working For Me Right Now

This weeks episode features an interview with Curtis Atkins Jr. Curtis owns a cell phone repair business in Raleigh North Carolina. His story is interesting because not only does he offer cell phone repair as a service to the public, but he also finds unlocked, damaged phones to buy, repair, and then flip for a healthy profit.

We deep dive his upcoming office acquisition and how he plans to utilize the space for his business but also use it to work his full time job at the same time. He goes on to tell us about how his new space is a shared office space and how he hopes the networking environment with other entrepreneurs will help his business.

Curtis, like many others, kind of stumbled in to the repair business because he kept breaking his own Samsung phone and realized how expensive it was to fix at 200-250 a pop! He found out about the repair game from a youtube channel called Jt Hustle's. After getting his feet wet a little bit he bought several different cell phone repair courses to help round out his knowledge and skills.

To get started and help build his confidence and skill, Curtis decided to attempt repairs on some old personal phones. Even with practice he tells us about some screw up's he had and how he fixed it. Chris says he wants to be "The Chic Fil A of cell phone repair" with his customer service. From what he tells us about his customer service, i'd say he is well on his way.

We then learn a little bit about how he sources phones to buy, fix, and sell and the couple of different strategies he uses to maximize his profit per deal.

Old phone's vs New phones, are they the same still?

Chris tells us mentors, courses, and a solid network of people is the way to go when looking to start and scale a cell phone repair business!


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