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Ep. 3 - How Reviews Kill Your Business, Or Make It Explode

On this episode I talk about how reviews are killing your business, or reviews are making your business EXPLODE!

Why are reviews important? Reviews are the absolute life blood of my business. Considering I am meeting strangers in a public place with them bringing expensive devices or stacks of cash for my expensive phones, it is super important for them to feel comfortable in doing so!

Having good reviews on your business page afford you multiple things. When someone comes to your business page, whether that be facebook business page, Instagram, or Google My Business listing, they are looking for popularity and reliability.

What story does your reviews tell? Do they tell the public that you are an amazing business with even more amazing customer service? Or do your reviews tell the local public that you are a shady company that is not to be trusted?


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If you have reviews turned off, what does that tell the local market about your business?

Tune in to the entire episode as I deep dive all of these scenarios!


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