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Phones2Freedom Podcast

Phones2Freedom Podcast

Hosted by: Justin Frye

Are you ready to build a side hustle you love, work less, and live and give more to the things and people you care about? Each week Justin Frye interviews people in the phone space. They reveal their best tips,...

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Ep. 10 - Does Your Phone Flipping Business Own You?

Creating a business is one of the toughest things you could ever attempt, however the benefits of owning your business, and more importantly, your time are worth the risks and stress! When I first decided to start my...
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Ep. 9 Consistency Is Key

Consistency is the key to every single business on earth. Consistency is one of the most important skills to continue not only the survival of a phone flipping business but the growth of your phone flipping Business....
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Ep. 8 - The Success Loop

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Ep. 7 - Do You Have A Capital Management Problem?

Are you struggling with managing the working capital in your phone flipping business? Today I discuss some of the issues that I see many new and seasoned phone flippers struggle with when it comes to money. It is...
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Ep. 6 - Is Buying Carrier Locked Phones Dead?

Ray and I discuss the fact that RSIM has went down and how it has drastically crashed the cell phone market. We go on to discuss why RSIM is so important to the carrier locked market and what has happened in the past...
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Ep. 1 - Welcome To The Phones2Freedom Podcast

Welcome to the Very first episode of the Phones2Freedom Podcast. I decided to start a podcast by a phone flipper, for phone flippers and other niche's within the phone space! In this first episode I introduce myself...
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Ep. 2 - From College Degree To Flipping Phones Instead

In this Episode, we have Andy Zimmerman on the show to talk with him about his journey in phone flipping. Andy starts the show by telling us a little bit about how he flipped phones in college and didn't really...
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Ep. 4 It's Not Optimal But It's Working For Me Right Now

This weeks episode features an interview with Curtis Atkins Jr. Curtis owns a cell phone repair business in Raleigh North Carolina. His story is interesting because not only does he offer cell phone repair as a...
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Ep. 3 - How Reviews Kill Your Business, Or Make It Explode

On this episode I talk about how reviews are killing your business, or reviews are making your business EXPLODE! Why are reviews important? Reviews are the absolute life blood of my business. Considering I am meeting...
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Ep. 5 - How To Flip Phones Safely

Heard of any stories of people getting robbed while flipping phones? Today we dive in to that very issue. I talk about what types of things may be driving an uptick in phone flippers getting robbed. I read from a post...
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