All The Tools You Need To Start A Successful Phone Flipping Business

A complete, behind the scene's view of my phone flipping business from A to Z and EVERYTHING in between.

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What Are Students Saying?

Mindset Matters

I can teach you everything there is to know about starting a phone flipping business.  But if you don't have the right mindset and expectations going in to it, you are going to FAIL. I go in to the mindset you need for this course and for operating a business!

How To Generate Leads

One of the biggest parts of the phone flipping business is generating leads that are actively looking to sell you their devices. I've built a Library of over 400 pictures and Ad Copy for you to copy and paste in to ads!

How To Negotiate The BEST Deals

Let's face it, buying and reselling a phone isn't the hardest thing in the world, but getting them at a great deal that allows you to make big fat profits takes some negotiation skills. I share my best negotiation tactics and even case studies showing deals I have done and the psychology that went in to the deal!

How To Inspect Phones When Meeting Sellers

The quickest way to lose money on a phone is not doing a proper inspection when you meet the seller. This can lead to missing things like a cracked screen, broken speaker, iCloud lock, or even a stolen device! I guide you step by step on how to inspect every device properly

Managing Money And Inventory

Having the Tools and Education needed to manage the behind the scenes aspect of business is imperative to it's success. I show you exactly how I manage all of my inventory and keep up with the money and expenses! There is NO EASIER way to organize the phone flipping business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Else Is In The Course?

  • Mindset Matters
  • Basic Concept Of The Phone Flipping Business
  • Knowing EXACTLY What You Are Buying Before You Buy
  • How Much Money You Need
  • How To Grade Phones
  • How To Use Buyer Sheets
  • How To Spot Fake iPhones
  • Where To Source Your Devices (Free And Paid)
  • Basic Facebook Ads
  • How To Negotiate The Best Deals
  • What To Do At The Meetup
  • How To Run A Report To Make Sure You Aren't Buying Stolen Phones
  • Bill Of Sale
  • How To Manage The Money In Your Business And Your Inventory
  • How To Invoice Direct Buyers
  • How To Prepare Phone's To Ship
  • How To Ship Phones
  • How To Sell Devices Locally
  • How To Build Your Local Brand
  • The Most Common Mistakes Made
Yes, I Want In!