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I Sold A Clawfoot Bathtub

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2022


Yesterday I sold our old bathtub for $500.You may be wondering, why should you care?

Well this bathtub was stamped as being manufactured in 1934. It was super old.

My wife wanted to update the bathtub with something more modern. It was time for this one to go.

Me being the flipper that I am, I immediately started looking for the value of this gem. I mean it was still in pretty nice condition considering it's age and other available similar clawfoot tubs on the market. I came to the conclusion that it should sell for about $500.

My wife laughed when I told her what I was going to sell it for. She said we would probably have to give it away. (She doesn't think like me, though she is now getting new cabinets and is super happy)

Several other people that have had antique claw foot tubs in the past told me that nobody would pay for it. In their experience with trying to sell antique tubs, they couldn't close the deal. They couldn't even give their tub away. In fact, they still have their tub rotting away in the weather on their property.

Some said that when I get tired of trying to sell it, that they wouldn't mind putting it in their flower bed and throwing some flowers in it.

You see, this clawfoot tub is old and well used. Many people no longer see the value in it. They thought it was worthless. Many people view me that way, view you that way, just like this old tub.

I've been trying to sell this tub for about 2 months. Tucked away in the garage collecting dust while I waited for a new owner that could see the true value in it, the same value that I saw in it.

I had numerous messages low balling me on the price. This told me two things, that it was still a desirable piece, and that people were in fact, willing to pay me for it.

Then a buyer showed up and was ecstatic to give me $500 for it, commandeer some help from family AND rent a van to come pick it up over an hour away.

Now what does this story have to do with you and I?

In your life, whether it be personal growth, financial growth, business growth, or whatever else you can plug in here, people suck.

People are not built like you and I.

You will always have people telling you that you are wrong.
You will always have people telling you that you will fail.
You will always have people telling you that they tried and it isn't possible.
You will always have people accidentally or purposely attempting to hold you back and throttle your dreams and desires.
You will always have people trying to keep you beneath them.

This is where we prosper though.
This is where we tell them NO and DO IT ANYWAY.
This is where we make the impossible possible.
This is where we MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Go get your dream today.


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