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Here's What I'm About...

So this is the page that you come to to see why you should listen to me. The page where I try to sell myself to you.

I'm not doing that here. 

I'm not going to give you the Cliche Guru backstory where I tell you about how I was dropped off at a fire station when i was 2 days old, and then lived in the streets, homeless, eating trash from a dumpster. Then one day I found a cell phone, sold it, created a super secret system, and now I have 4 Lamborghini's, a Tesla X, and a penthouse flat in New York.

I'm just not that guy......

Instead, here is our family van. Pretty sweet right?!?!

I Trust The Van

So Who Am I For Real?

So really I am just a regular dude. While phone flipping is my Full Time Income source, I really only do it Part Time hours. I do it part time because I am a Husband to my beautiful wife and Dad to my three amazing kids first. 

I got in to flipping phones by complete accident after a few failed business attempts. I needed a way to make a solid income that would allow me to stay at home and be there for my kids busy schedule.

So that is what I did. I created a setup that works best for me and my family. I also make a pretty decent living doing it!

I Trust The Pajamas

Why Did I Decide To Create A Course?


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