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Getting Leads

Learn my NUMBER ONE Free Strategy For Finding Phones At A Price You Can Make A Profit

Negotiation And Buying

Learn How To Appraise Each Phone, Negotiate With Sellers, And How To Utilize The Checklist Of Important Things To Look For When Buying

Getting Paid

Learn How To Take Eye Grabbing Pictures, Ad Copy, Listing, And Getting Paid.
P.S. We Don't Use Ebay!

Everything I Wished I would Have Known When I First Started Flipping Phones

 In this FREE Mini Course I will teach you:

  • How much money you need to get started
  • How to connect with sellers who are already wanting to sell their phones. We call these people "Warm Leads" because they are already looking to make a deal.
  • How to talk to sellers and get them to sell to you at a discount.
  • How to use the Phones 2 Freedom Meetup Checklist that I am also including in this mini course for Absolutely FREE
  • The correct way to take pictures, and list your phones locally to prevent tons of questions 
  • My proven ad copy to insure you Sell FAST 

Phone flipping is my full time gig and my main source of income. (Even Though I Only Spend A Few Hours A Week On It) I love this hustle, and genuinely just want to see people win their freedom back. I designed this FREE Mini Course Specifically for the Newbie who is looking to get started TODAY! 

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